Middle F R Kharkongor Commissioner and secretary of Arts and Culture department inspect the sketch of the picture presented to him on the 30th anniversary of Riti Academy of Visual Arts held in the office at Jaiaw Langsning Shillong on 14-03-21.Pix by UB Photos

Commissioner and Secretary of Arts and Culture department, Federick Roy Kharkongor, on Sunday, lauded the contribution made by the founder of RITI Academy of Visual Arts (RAVA), Shillong, Raphael Warjri, towards the field of art and culture.
The RITI Academy of Visual Arts (RAVA), Shillong celebrated its 30th anniversary at Mad Gallery, Jaiaw Langsning, on Sunday.
Since its inception in 1991, Riti Academy of Visual Arts has traversed a long way in providing congenial space for the art fraternity to meaningfully work and realise its potential and vision.
Some of the significant highlights of the institute are: Thoh Shun International Art Camp, which was organised in 2005 with locals including few European and Asian artists. In 2007, the Thoh Shun Art Exhibition of North East artists was held at Dhaka, Bangladesh, with the support of the Indian High Commission in Dhaka, and the Greater Sylhet Indigenous People’s Forum.
The Thoh Shun and Thwet Art camps have generated a platform for exposition of the art that originated from the region.