Cradled among the lofty peaks of the Himalayas, the ancient Pashupatinath Temple stands with all its grandeur and glory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Although a silent witness to trumpets of dynasties and nuances of common people, you may hear its bricks whisper some untold stories if you care to. Shri Bikrambir Thapa pulled out one such thread from the time warp of the colonialĀ era.
Amidst the distracting details of the temple, we see a white woman walking near the temple gates. However, the gates of the grand temple remain barred to her.

The painter believes that if the priests could come over the orthodoxy and threw open the doors instead, she, and the likes of her, would not have been alienated. And instead of influencing us with their culture, the West could have bathed in the spirituality of the East.

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