Swami Vivekananda explained the story of Elephant-God and Mahout-God for seven days.
The question is, why the elephant is God?
There is God inside the elephant so the elephant is God. There is God inside a fish too. Which means there is God inside the good, as well as inside the bad.
In the story, the teacher told the disciple, everything is God. When the mad elephant was advancing, the disciple did not leave as he had strong faith in the words of his teacher, that the elephant is also God. The mahout was shouting, ‘Move away! Move away!’. But the disciple did not move.
The elephant threw him away. But somehow he survived… When he was asked ‘Why didn’t you move?’ he said, ‘Why? The teacher had said that everything is God.’ The teacher said, ‘My child, why didn’t you listen to Mahout-God?’
God resides in everyone as the pure mind. He is inside everyone as the pure intellect. I am an instrument, he is the mechanic. I’m merely a house, He is the homemaker. He is the Mahout-God.