The collection of artworks of Garo artists depict Garo mythology, legend, history and folk life of the people. Among the significant folk concepts and images are the Dókakku, Nokpante, Borang, Narikki, Bugarani and other cultural traits of the Garo people. The Nokpante is a popular cultural image that represents the Garo people and their land. It is a bachelors’ dormitory where all the discussions about human and social values are deliberated. One of the most significant components of the Nokpante is the Dókakku. It is a treasure trove of ancient Garo culture and tradition. It is believed that Dokakku are being brought from the land of the ancestors at the Tibetan region and installed at any vital post of the Nokpante that is being built. The Narikki is an earring wear by the ladies, believed to be the protective gear from demons in the afterlife. It is like the cylindrical series of rings that mersmerise the evil spirit while the departed soul is on the way to the abode of the ancestors. The other cultural images that affect the sentiment of the artists are the folk mermaid and merman known as Bugarani and Bugaraja; the So’re believed to be the most beautiful maiden that caused many mighty warriors to lose their life for her; the Borang or a tree house, that serves as a watchtower at the cultivation field; the Sarendra, a folk musical stringed instrument and few other folk elements.

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