The background with blue sky and sun represents ‘Rang-O’ heavenly God/being in Nocte dialect and the herbs in the foreground represents various medicinal herbs of Arunachal Pradesh. The Artists feeling says… Hills and valleys are our home and also the source of energy where the ‘Rang O’ provides abundantly. We offer our prayers O ‘Rang O’ who is high above the sky. And we offer you same things that you bestow upon us as your blessing. May you be propitious and grant us health and happiness through these herbs.

Chatham Boi is an Artist from Arunachal who specializes in watercolor and pencil shade. Her artistic acumen was bloomed and nurtured when she was at Ramakrishna Sarada Mission School. She presently lives at Lowang. She brushes colors to create realistic items on her canvas that she picks from nature. When she pushes her pencil away to create incredible portraits, one often wonders to feel if that is a black and white photograph. Her Works find a place at Rajbhavan of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar.