Ka Niam- Ka Lynti ka Jingim Hok

Kumba la btah ïa nga ban batai ïa ka jingmut jong ka phang ‘Ka Niam ka lynti ka jingim hok’ nga sngewdei ban batai shuwa ïa ka jingmut jong ka kyntien ‘Niam’ lane ha ka ktien nongwei ‘religion’.

Ka Jingshai

To Be Or Not To Be Paramjit Bakhshi

Ironically the song “Be yourself”, is sung by a group called “Audioslave”. The track released in 2005, has great emotional appeal and was loved by many, including both my children; the elder one singing it very well and with great passion. Its repeated exhortation is “be yourself, is all that you can do” even though one maybe “separate or united, healthy or insane” and even if one “may win or lose”.