Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth or die… If society is not fit for the highest truths, make it so; and the sooner, the better.
-Swami Vivekananda

This is with regard to a magazine Ka Jingshai-The light (ezine and print form) that we publish from our institute. The tri-lingual e-zine of Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong portrays the culture and spirituality of Meghalaya in a universal context through art, poetry, literature, and humour.

The treasure of spirituality, art and culture of the North-eastern India, especially of Meghalaya, has a lot to offer to the world. All the stakeholders of ‘Ka Jingshai – The Light’ a trilingual ezine of Ramakrishna Mission Shillong, are trying to unearth the gems buried in the soul of this land and broadcast them to the masses. The ezine is being brought out in a tangible printed form to be distributed among the youths and intellectuals. If you feel the need to fund such a noble cause, then pitch in your support. Donate, and if you can’t send in your prayers!

Subscription details:

  • Term: 3 years
  • Issues: 6
  • Cover Price : ₹ 600
  • One time subscription: ₹ 300

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The ezine has a subscriber base of 40,000.

The people who browse through our magazine are usually interested in Literature, Culture in the general, and the philanthropic aspect of the Ramakrishna Mission. A good number of them are from the Bengali community across North East India.

Should you wish to publish an ad of your esteemed organisation into this the rates are as follows.

One-time AdvertisersPricePayment
Full page15,000
Quarter page4,000
Regular AdvertisersPricePayment
Full page9,000
Quarter page2,500

A full-page advertisement of the print edition would correspond to Leaderboard (728×90) in Desktop and Mobile leaderboard (350×50) in the first visible display of the home page of the ezine. A half-page would similarly occur at the bottom of the home page. 

By advertising with Ka Jingshai –  The Light, you are not only reaching thousands of readers across the country but also supporting a silent revival of an indigenous culture and its fusion with a universal one!