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Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Eligibility: 12 – 20 Years
Deadline: June 20, 2021
Link: bit.ly/dexschoo
Stanford’s Guide to Writing Statements of

Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DexSchool) is a world-class leadership development programme building servant leaders for India and the world. Founded in 2012, DexSchool is India’s first school of
leadership and entrepreneurship for teenagers. Alumni have received over 52 crore INR in scholarships. DexSchool education happens in three stages – Yearlong Digital Mentoring, Weeklong Residential Training and Lifelong
Support System.

HG Wells Short Story Competition

Eligibility: 21 years and below
Deadline: July 12, 2021
Link: bit.ly/hgwellsshortstorycontest
Resources: A Brief Guide to Writing Short
Stories – bit.ly/shortstoryguide
New Yorker’s Guide to Writing Fiction – bit.ly/fictionguide
The contest invites students to submit a short story on the subject of – Mask. The submitted stories should be between 1, 500 to 5, 000 words and should not have been previously published. All short-listed stories will be professionally published in a paperback anthology and the winning story will receive 1, 000 Pounds in prize money.

NASA Cinespace Short Film Competition

Eligibility: Open to all
Deadline: July 14, 2021
Link: bit.ly/nasafilmcontest
Resources: A Brief Guide to Astronomy
For Beginners – bit.ly/astronomyguide Film
Production Guide – bit.ly/filmproductionguide
NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society are inviting students to explore NASA’s digital archives and create short films inspired by, and incorporating, real NASA footage. Films can be experimental, narrative, documentary, comedy, drama, animation, ambient, music videos, re-mix or horror. Each participant can submit up to 5
short films of no more than 10 minutes. Winner will receive a grand prize of $10, 000 and a total of $8, 000 will be distributed among runners-up.

Environmental Photographer of the Year Contest

Eligibility: Open to all
Deadline: July 31, 2021
Link: bit.ly/environmentalphotographycontest
Resources: A Brief Guide to Photography: bit.ly/photographyguidebook
Participants are invited to submit up to 10 images that showcase humanity’s ability to survive and innovate, call attention to our impact, and inspire us to live sustainably. Images can be submitted in eight different categories
ranging from Climate Action to Water and Security. The grand prize winner will receive 10, 000 Pounds in cash prize and winning images will be featured on Nikon’s Europe website.