Born in Japan as a grand daughter of a Buddhist monk she studied art in New York, built a family in Brazil, and living in India since 2012. Her cross-culture background spanning three remarkable different cultures (Japan/Brazil/India) has given her a unique set of conceptual tools to connect and give meaning to the environment around her. Continuously drawing from her knowledge of and belief in Indian and Japanese spiritual mythology, her multi-disciplinary practice is a delightful chaotic mix of visual, sculptural, conceptual, performative, spiritual and musical expression. Her sensibilities as a visual artist are strong and poetic, however her real strength is her performance work.

Reiko Shimizu

Tears in April are the sudden snow out of season and falling petals of cherry blossoms
Transformed into the countless stars and melted away beyond the milky way
Innumerous waves of heavenly Gangaa
Carried away my friend in silence
Embraced in the mantle of white darkness
Gently dissolved away…Far beyond the eternity

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