Education Relieff by Ramakrishna Mission

The Sohra and Shillong centres of Ramakrishna Mission in a joint venture successfully demonstrated the technological capability of conducting online classes in a no-internet zone. On 14 September 2020 online academic classes of HIKAI(Hybrid Interactive Knowledge Assimilation Initiative) from classes 1 to 12 were inaugurated at Ramakrishna Mission Secondary School, Sohbar by Bah A S Mukhim, SDO, Sohra Civil Subdivision and other dignitaries. Esteemed guests witnessed the demonstration of the software and part
icipated in the teaching learning process being students themselves. Android tabs were distributed among the students. All the prerecorded sessions were well conceived, designed and presented through the blend of slides, audio-visuals and animations.
Moving away from the popular trend of sending notes and videos over social media platforms, RKM has come up with quality contents and a hybrid platform of their own that enables students to have a two-way communication in realtime and through an Android App even without an active internet connection, with the help of a WiFi zone and a local server.The HIKAI project is free for all the students of MBOSE. They can register at The project has the potential of helping lakhs of students across the state.

Mario Pathaw, Alumnus of IIT, Bombay Bagged Crystal Award 2020

Shillong: August 15, 2020: The Crystal Award 2020 for Excellence in Visual Arts was conferred upon Mario Pathaw by the State Governor, Mr Tathagata Roy at Raj Bhavan today after unveiling the portrait of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and the cultural paintings unveiled by the First Lady, Mrs Anuradha Roy. The Governor appreciated the effort of Riti Academy of Visual Arts for promotion of art and lauded the relentless pursuit of its Chairman, Raphael Warjri for the outstanding artworks that have adorned the Durbar Hall of Raj Bhavan. The award was conferred in memory of Crystal Gayle Kharnaïor, the theatre artiste that had passed away in 2017.

The ceremony was conducted by Raphael Warjri in the presence of Secretary to the Governor, Mr Pravin Bakshi, officials and staff of Raj Bhavan. In his address, Warjri expressed gratitude to the Governor for considering the Award function at Raj Bhavan in spite of the current fragile situation due to the COVID 19 pandemic. He wanted to place on record that the pictures at Raj Bhavan were painted along with his talented apprentices, Skhemlang Hynñiewta and Denis Marbañiang.
The meritorious award received by Pascal Mario Kmenlang Pathaw is the outcome of his dedication to art that he had grasped enormous amount of folk knowledge on Khasi cultural heritage and is well versed with the various elements of the contemporary society. It is observed that the family legacy is instrumental to nurturing and cultivating positive vibes that have motivated and inspired his works to attain commendable impact and excellence. The creative and original presentation of his graphic novel, film and other visual storytelling assignments is a testimony of his passion, dedication and distinction of his performance. Mario Pathaw is an IIT, Bombay Post-Graduate Degree holder in Master of Design and Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and is an ardent expert of innovative and aesthetic deliverance.
In recognition of his outstanding role to the growth and progress of the prospective entity of Khasi visual culture and folk heritage, Riti Academy shortlisted his name among few nominees to honour his contribution with the Crystal Gayle Memorial Award 2020 for Excellence in Visual Arts.
In commemoration of the auspicious event, an Art Gallery and Exhibition of Mario Pathaw artworks was inaugurated by Mr F R Kharkongor, IAS, Commissioner Secretary Arts and culture at the newly opened MAD Gallery, Jaiaw Langsning. In his inaugural speech, Kharkongor spoke at length on the various aspects of visual art as a cultural expression and suggested for the formulation of the Art and Culture policy. As part of the exhibition, Mr Frederick D Hynñiewta, an expert of Art History delivered the lecture on the relevance of art with society and acknowledged the significance of the new National Education Policy, which stressed on the importance of art and culture in academic education. The MAD Gallery of Riti Academy is being patronised by Mrs Saihun Phanbuh of Kay Eem Dee Children Centre. The Exhibition is open to public till Saturday next, the 22nd August, 2020.

A Monument in Memory of Khasi Freedom Fighters

Megalithic Erection Ceremony In Progress
Megalithic Erection Ceremony In Progress

The Nongthliew village at the Diengiei plateau is the territory within the jurisdiction of the Nongkhlaw province and is one of the largest village in the area with thousands of households and tens of thousands inhabitants. One of the significant segments of the village known as Laitarted has spectacular landscape and topographical contours. The local durbar has granted permission to the Hynñiewtrep Youth Council (HYC), Nongthliew Circle for erection of megaliths in memory of the heroes of Anglo Khasi resistance movement. The area is situated at an elevated location, which is prominent from all the surrounding villages. From the 16th to the 18th of December,2020, the members of HYC held a memorial megaliths erection ceremony, where the proposed statue of Tirot Sing Syiem will be sculpted at the centre of the complex. The six meter height statue will be one of its kind in the State that will stand majestically at twenty feet from the ground elevation. The megaliths were brought from Kyrphei village in Tyrsad and the erection ceremony culminated with the auspicious remembrance of the eightieth death anniversary of the Khasi bard Soso Tham. The megalith erection ceremony was initiated by the elder, Hoping Khyllait with prayers and incantation and graced by Mr Robert June Kharjahrin, President of HYC central body. The chief guest in his address stated, ‘The megalithic complex will be the memorial monument in honour of all the known and unknown warriors of freedom struggle against the British imperial supremacy’. He said that each monolith will represents every warriors including Syiem Bormanik of Hima Shyllong or the erstwhile Shyllong province, Syiem Sngap Sing of Hima Maharam, Monbhut, Lorshon Jaraiñ, the courageous lady Phan Nonglait and all the other personalities of freedom struggle.

The function was presided by Daniel Star Pathaw, Assistant Secretary, HYC Nongthliew and the other dignitaries on the occasion are Mr Rhembor Saiborn, Vice-President HYC Central, headmen leader Mr Peter Anton Umwi and Mr Joplang Kharnaior, President, HYC, Nongthliew Circle. As part of the programme, the HYC President, Robert June Kharjahrin conducted an oath ceremony for the Women Wing of HYC, Nongthliew. The statue of Tirot Sing Syiem is being assigned to the artists of Riti Academy by the HYC and is slated to unveiled during his death anniversary on the 17th July, 2021, with the motive to also commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the statehood of Meghalaya.

An Art Exhibition of North East artists was held at Dhaka, Bangladesh, with the support of the Indian High Commission in Dhaka, and the Greater Sylhet Indigenous People’s Forum.

The Thoh Shun and Thwet Art camps have generated a platform for exposition of the art that originated from the region.

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